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This isn't just another engineering blog. Nor is it just another product management blog. Yes we do some awesome engineering. And some mad management. But our secret sauce is how we combine product + engineering + design into a superpower. Dive in and discover how Drip ships!

Drip. We get Ship done.

Apr 1st, 2021, by , VP of Engineering & , VP of Product

Welcome to the Drip Product Machine. What’s a Product Machine? It’s one of three parts of the organizational model we use at Drip, described best by one of our investors. At Drip the Product Machine is comprised of Engineering, Design, and Product Management and is responsible for delivering the product. And, not just any product, but a melt-your-face-with-delight marketing platform that solves the most valuable customer problems in ecommerce marketing, while always performing with efficiency.

The technology world is blessed with great cloud solutions, open source software, design tools, and customer-centric product processes. There’s never been a better time to build technology products. So many great thought leaders freely share their learnings, and at Drip we wanted to share some of that back.

Going forward you can expect product machine staff to share how we build great product at Drip, and muse on techniques in each of the three disciplines of a product machine. The Drip team values authenticity; we’ll be sure to share lessons learned and the potholes we found (and occasionally dodged) building a world-class SaaS system.