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Drip Ships Gold

Apr 29th, 2021, by , VP of Product

Drip ships gold. Always has, always will. But the Drip product machine blog hasn’t always been found at In our earliest incarnation, was the chosen domain name. Ready, set, ship!

After our inaugural post, we were educated on the problematic nature of the popular .io domain name by one of our esteemed engineers, Tamara Temple. Most countries have been assigned a two-letter top-level domain (TLD). And most have decided to commercialize their domain names. For example, .tv belongs to the tiny island nation of Tuvalu, and they use it to generate revenue associated with .tv name sales — a popular name given its connection to the small screen we’re all hooked on.

The problem with .io, is that its rightful owner — the Chagossian people — continue to be prevented from living in their homeland, and share no benefits from the commercial sale of .io names. At Drip we find both unacceptable. So we’ve made a donation to the Chagossian people to offset our purchase, and shifted this blog to a more appropriate and less compromised TLD: